WhatsApp’s controversial new policy came into effect

WhatsApp gave users a few months before the privacy policy came into force. His deadline was May 15. The company, which is owned by Facebook, has finally started implementing it from May 16. About four months ago, they agreed that WhatsApp could be used as a matter of personal privacy, or that users would have to leave the platform.

WhatsApp later moved away from this warning, though. Now it is said that you can stay in WhatsApp without following the policy, but you will not get the full benefit or feature. According to WhatsApp, more than 200 million users have agreed to the policy ahead of schedule. Users in Europe and the United Kingdom, however, will not be covered by this policy, as there is a different privacy law in place.

Note that with the implementation of this controversial policy, WhatsApp will be able to collect some information from users including phone number, handset model, mobile company, IP address, internet connection and share it with other organizations under their control.

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